Bilal M. Liaqat

Bilal M. Liaqat

CEO / Founder

Well hello, I’m Bilal and my expertise are Digital Marketing (SEO, Social Media and PPC) although I love being able to invent new strategies to rank any kind of business online. I am CEO / Founder here at The Vital Solutions established in 2015.


My background is distinct, I’ve started my working life as a Junior SEO Expert in a Software House and that was my first job. And I learned so many things while doing different jobs and improved my skills. After that, I worked as a freelancer on different freelancing platforms as well. Over the past 5 Years, I have been working as a Digital Marketing consultant. Furthermore, I am also fond of participating in various discussions on online forums to discuss upcoming strategies for improving and growing businesses.

Why I choose Digital Marketing?

Well, there are many reasons behind but the one and important reason is I found endless opportunities and countless advantages in this extensive field.

The paramount reasons for the boom in digital marketing career are:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Profession-in-demand
  3. No specific background needed
  4. Multiple Disciplines to Learn
  5. Always progressive and moving with time
  6. Wide Range of Career Options

Words I Live By

“Work Smart, Stay Humble”


I have seen work of other professionals in the market though. While this young talent has vibrancy at its best. Creativity and dedication of Mr. Bilal restrict me owe him 5 stars. (Mr. Mehran Abbas)


Bilal M. Liaqat


Digital Marketing


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